Video Director: Francesca Beltran
Camera Operator: Nancy Serna

Conception and Direction: Faye Driscoll
Choreography and Text by Faye Driscoll in collaboration with
the performers
Performed by Faye Driscoll, Sean Donovan, Lindsay Head, Paul Singh, Laurel Snyder, Brandon Washington
Original Cast: Alicia ayo Ohs
Sound Design by Bobby McElver
Musical Direction by Bobby McElver and Sean Donovan
Original Compositions by Sean Donovan, Bobby McElver, Faye Driscoll
Vocal Arrangement by Sean Donovan
Lyrics by Faye Driscoll
Additional Lyrics by Sean Donovan
Set Design by Nick Vaughan and Jake Margolin
Garment and Props Design by Jamie Boyle
Lighting Design by Amanda K. Ringger
Artistic Advisor: Jesse Zaritt
Additional Text and Dramaturge: Amanda K. Davidson
Company and Stage Manager: Alessandra Calabi
Lighting Director: Devin Cameron
Rehearsal Assistant: Marina Fong
Produced by Faye Driscoll with Aaron Rosenblum