Francesca Beltran
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We must search with renewed urgency for new ways to be in common, and create the social through the acts of sharing spaces and situations. To do this we must negotiate a certain loss of self as we share; learn how to move between the local and global, online and offline, without forfeiting one or the other.

The film derives from an exploration on how live streams and data feeds modify our sense of time and space, as well as create authentic feelings of belonging and participation. These technologies allow us to form and break attachments with unfolding events on a world scale; we may no longer know the name of our neighbors, but we may feel deep sympathy and identify with the ‘umbrella revolutionaries’ in Hong Kong. Collectively we experience a crisis of togetherness.

Produced during Belligerent Eyes 5K Confinement, an experimental media research facility focused in contemporary image production.

Trailer premiered at the Fondazione Prada in the context of the  73rd Venice International Film Biennale.

A film by:
Faraz Anoushahpour
Francesca Beltran
Sophie Dyer
Solveig Suess

In collaboration with:
Christian Marazzi

Audio by:
Daniele Guerrini