Francesca Beltran

Empty Spaces



In Empty Spaces, solid man-made structures are juxtaposed with their morphing natural surroundings. The project is a reflection on the infinite versatility of space. Shot at the Chianti Foundation in Marfa, Texas, the images accentuate the sublime atmosphere that originates from altering a wild terrain, by adding new architectural forms and textures. An analysis of this new environment evidences the commonalities all, nature, art, and architecture share in their designs’ precision, and highlights the essence of change by examining the cause and effect relationship between the three. By creating this new visual realm, the audience is also encouraged to reflect on the concept of belonging and displacement, and our connection to this Earth.

By exploring new environments, concepts like isolation, desolation, and the passing of time become apparent in different subjects, and feed into my study of alienation. The intention is to transform any given place into somewhere else that does not exist, in order to challenge the notion of belonging. The purpose as an artist is to expose commonalities in behavior and emotion in order to address a global need for empathy.

First exhibited in PERSONAL STRUCTURES - open borders, at the European Cultural Center in the context of the 57th Venice Art Biennale.